The Health Home service delivery model encompasses a person-centered, comprehensive approach to addressing consumer’s goals for recovery and improvement of behavioral health, physical health, acute care, and social needs. The Health Home team collaborates with the consumer’s physical and behavioral health providers, social services network, and other health data sources such as the consumer provided information, laboratory, and radiology results, to develop a Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA). This CHA informs the Health Home Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) of services to be delivered to the consumer.
The goal is to reduce avoidable, high-cost interventions and increasing the use of appropriate, timely interventions, along with improved self-care management. Health Home services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of primary and behavioral health professionals in conjunction with the consumer and others as identified by the consumer. The Health Home uses a team-based, person-centered approach, where staff collectively uses their skills and knowledge, to ensure that culturally and linguistically competent evidence-based services and supports are employed to address the overall health and wellness of each consumer. Each consumer is actively involved with the Health Home team in setting goals and participating in his/her care planning. 

KINARA uses a combination of psychotherapy and medication models of treatment through a Persons Centered Approach (PCA). KINARA offers the following:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending Reminders
  • Transportation to the appointment
  • Helping You and providers create an adequate health care plan
  • We will follow-up with you after you have been discharged from the hospital

We will be working with you, your doctor and other healthcare professionals in getting you the medical, behavioral, and social services you need to further your positive growth. Individual and family support will be provided.


Diagnostic Assessment

Our treatment process begins with a Diagnostic Assessment; which is an intensive clinical and functional evaluation of a Consumer’s mental health condition. This assessment shall determine whether the consumer is appropriate for and can benefit from  MHRS. The Diagnostic Assessment  provides the basis for the development of an Individualized Recovery Plan (“IRP”) for adults or an Individualized  Plan of Care (“IPC”) for children and youth.

Medication/Somatic Treatment

Medication or somatic treatment services are medical interventions including: Psychiatric examinations, prescription, supervision or administration of mental health-related medication and monitoring.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling services are for individual, group or family face-to-face services for symptom and behavior management, development, restoration and enhancement of adaptive behaviors and daily living skills.

Community Support

Community support services are rehabilitation supports considered essential to assist the consumer in achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals. Community support services focus on building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the consumer.